Terry Burrows How To Read Music PDF

Terry Burrows - How To Read Music

Jun 26, 2022

Terry Burrows How To Read Music PDF. It is a self-contained audio-visual tutor. In ten lessons, you will learn the basics of sight reading as well as the general principles of music theory. New ideas of increasing complexity are systematically introduced as you proceed through the course. These are reinforced by frequent reading and listening exercises. When you complete the course you'll find that you have enough knowledge to understand even the most demanding pieces of music.
This book is an ideal primer for musicians of every level, from the complete novice to the expert player who never learned music theory, or who has simply forgotten those music lessons that many of us had to endure during childhood.
The course is compatible with any style of music, from classical to jazz and rock. It is also relevant to every musical instrument. And even if you don't play instrument, the exercises can just as easily be performed using the voice alone.

CD contents (MP3 format):

  • Lesson 1 - Introducing Pitch
  • Lesson 2 - Timing & Rhythm
  • Lesson 3 - Keys & Scales
  • Lesson 4 - Minor Scales
  • Lesson 5 - Time & Tempo
  • Lesson 6 - Intervals
  • Lesson 7 - Harmonic Theory
  • Lesson 8 - Groups & Phrases
  • Lesson 9 - Non-Diatonic Scales
  • Lesson 10 - Performance Issues

Terry Burrows' "How to Read Music" is the ideal for adult students who want to read music without attending classes. Thorough tests are given throughout the book, to assure you understand the material. A CD is also included to help you understand the text better, by listening to examples of written music.
This book assumes you learn to play an instrument without learning to read music notation. It tries to match the note with the sound, and test you to see if you know the notes. You take each test using the CD. In order to use the CD correctly The author recommends a CD player that "searches tracks", not a CD that shows "time remaining". You can use a "time remaining CD to synchronize but it's not easy.
The book is well organized and complete with a very good section that defines terms. The illustrations are well done.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 127 pages

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  1. Esto sí que es la mejor subida que he tenido: graaaaaaaaaaaaacias!!!

  2. with the theory and practice together make the most trained musician masterfully spread to thank you very much. 😉

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