Ted Greene - Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing, Vol 2

Ted Greene - Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing, Vol 2

Apr 7, 2024

Ted Greene Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing Volume 2 PDF. Ted Greene's Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing method is one of the most respected approaches to playing jazz guitar ever written. Continuing where Volume 1 left off, this book ties all the tools together, with special emphasis on playing through chord changes and developing rich melody lines.
This is the second part of Ted Greene series on single note soloing. A wonderful resource for anyone desiring to go beyond chords. Both books are a great resource for any guitarist as Green provides excellent explanations for each topic covered. If you are serious about jazz guitar this is a must have for those who can sight read. This is not a beginner book.
You learn to read, and know the fingerboard at all its positions. Your learn chord scale relationships. It develops ear to fingerboard relationship. The lick exercises are actually very useful and inspiring licks.
Its easy to read because the licks are not rhythmically challenging. The focus is on the playing the right notes with a chord and flow of the line. Introducing too much rhythmic intereste would make learning more difficult. You can always introduce more complex rhythmic phrasing after you've learned which notes you want to play. You also get the theory and great explanations.
Is rare in history for genius excelling in their artist field to exceel also as great teachers/communicators of their knowledge. Ted's unique approach and self made discoveries, are fully available at their best and in depht, throught his well tested 4 methods. All served with a humbly positive humorous approach to learn play guitar. He's will forever stay as our eternal Chord Chemist.

Format: PDF, 136 pages

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