Steve Trovato - American Blues in 6 Weeks

Steve Trovato - American Blues in 6 Weeks

Mar 7, 2023

Steve Trovato American Blues in 6 Weeks. Welcome to the American Blues Guitar in 6 Weeks course. These blues guitar lessons are designed to focus your practice towards realistic goals achievable in six weeks. Each week provides you with essential blues guitar techniques, blues guitar concepts and blues guitar licks to help you play and understand blues guitar soloing at a manageable easy to follow pace.
Week 1: These American blues guitar lessons are in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan and feature how to play blues guitar scale patterns, blues guitar phrasing, playing the shuffle feel, double stops, using trills, hammer-ons and pull offs, using triplets, adding chromatic passing tones to the blues scale
Week 2: These American blues guitar lessons are in the style of Johnny Winter and feature blues scale patterns, repetitive phrasing, how to build blues guitar licks using hammer ons and pull offs, playing in the pocket using triplets, using pentatonic scale sequencing to create blues licks.
Week 3: Learn an essential blues guitar scale pattern, how to play pattern for the major pentatonic guitar scale, using double stops, shifting positions so you can play longer blues guitar licks, learn to combine scales to create great blues guitar lick.
Week 4: Learn how to vibrato like BB King in this American blues guitar lesson. Learn essential blues guitar string bending techniques and which notes to bend. Plus how to combine blues guitar scales to create your own great traditional blues guitar licks.
Week 5: This American blues guitar lesson will show you how to play the Jimi Hendrix vibrato, how to blues rake, plus you’ll learn how to use phrase repetition to improve your blues guitar solos.
Week 6: This blues guitar lesson will show you how to shift position to create longer blues guitar lines, learn to play multiple note string bends on a single string, learn to bend in intervals in an Albert King blues guitar style and combine important blues guitar techniques from all other guitar lessons in the series.

Steve Trovato - American Blues in 6 Weeks

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