Steve Morse Power Lines DVD

Steve Morse - Power Lines

Jan 23, 2020

Steve Morse Power Lines DVD download. Voted five-time winner of Guitar Player magazine’s “Best Overall Guitarist,” and a member of the prestigious Gallery of the Greats, Steve Morse continues to be one of the world’s most inventive guitar players. He is well-known for his years with the Dixie Dreggs, Kansas, Deep Purple and his own group, the Steve Morse Band. He has played solo performances at Carnegie Hall and toured with Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, and Paco DeLucia. Steve has also written and performed on many Grammy Award-nominated albums and appeared on major television shows.
In Power Lines, you’ll learn Steve’s personal warm-up exercises, how to add chromatic ideas to your playing, and his system for playing three-note-per-string scales, sequences, and arpeggios. Steve also reveals his unique method for playing polyphonic scales and melody lines. Exciting solo performances throughout this DVD will inspire any guitarist to create his or her own power lines. This DVD has helped a lot of guitarists! The Tab Book is Included.


  • Steve's personal warm-up exercises
  • How to add chromatic ideas to guitar playing
  • His system for playing three-note-per-string scales
  • Sequences
  • Arpeggios
  • Polyphonic scales
  • Creating melody lines

It is one of the best instructional videos, will teach a technique and then a practical application is excellent, the handling scales seems very interesting, starting the first degree of the scale with each finger of the left hand and then do the same with the remaining degrees is an approach that had not seen in other videos, an excellent guitar clinic.
Most of the the material is not too advanced, maybe high level beginner and above (you should already know how to alternate pick well, the major scale patterns/modes and a bunch of basic chords in several positions). Steve has a teaching style that persuades you to believe you'll be able to play what he does (maybe not as fast).
Steve plays a couple of songs off "Southern Steel" and being able to see him play them, live, up close and flawless is so inspiring (although it might make some want to give up guitar... don't).

Language: English
Year: 2007
Country: USA
Running time: 1 hour
Quality: DVD5
Video: MPEG2 PAL 4:3 (720x576) VBR
Audio: English (Dolby AC3, 2 ch) 192 kbps
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 3.3 Gb

Steve Morse - Power Lines
Steve Morse - Power Lines
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  1. I need the tab pdf booklett for this Steve Morse - Power Lines

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