Steve Khan Pentatonic Khancepts PDF

Steve Khan - Pentatonic Khancepts

Jan 22, 2022

Steve Khan Pentatonic Khancepts PDF. In this book, Steve takes a potentially very complex subject - the creation of new, different, and creative melodies - and shows how using two very simple and very guitaristic pentatonic scales, you can unleash an inexhaustible supply of new colors and ideas. A CD containing most of the music examples, plus numerous play-along tracks is included. This is a must-have for any serious guitarist!
If you have been working with pentatonic scales in a blues/rock context, this is an excellent way of extending into jazz/fusion. Well written, with interesting examples and excellent practice tracks - this material concentrates on using pentatonics for improvisation, rather than just learning riffs.
Steve really opens your mind with this book. You'll never look at pentatonics the same way. This book teaches you how to use pentatonic scales in other situations outside the basic Rock/Blues. You can learn how to use pentartonics to sound like Jazz and many other styles. This book is a must for soloists that want to increase their lick vocabulary while staying in the more familiar 'pentatonic' mentality.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 88 pages

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