Steve Baker Blues Harp Step by Step PDF

Steve Baker - Blues Harp: Step by Step

Apr 13, 2021

Steve Baker Blues Harp Step by Step PDF. This package consisting of book, CD and Hohner Big River Harp (in original package) is aimed at beginning players with no previous knowledge of the harp. Easy-to-follow explanations and practise exercises take the reader all the way from the very first steps on the instrument to learning to bend notes. All exercises in the book were recorded by Steve and can be heard on the CD, with guitar accompaniment from no less than Dick Bird. All backing tracks are also found as playbacks without harp, to facilitate practising. Step By Step is the first package of its kind to feature a high-quality Hohner harmonica of professional standard.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

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9 comments on “Steve Baker - Blues Harp: Step by Step”

  1. Thanks ! Now my Dylan's tunes go perfect. Thanks from the auditorium also !

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