Stephan Richter Progressive Jazz Bass PDF

Stephan Richter - Progressive Jazz Bass

Apr 14, 2021

Stephan Richter Progressive Jazz Bass PDF. For Beginner to Advanced Students - Introduces the beginner to the fundamentals of Jazz Bass. Covers scales, arpeggios, rhythm, walking bass lines and music theory as it applies to the bass, along with many lines and grooves played over a variety of progressions in all keys.
This is a well organized book on playing the base. The basic premise of the book is that while a piano or guitar player will play all tones of a chord simultaneously, the base player play them one at a time like an arpeggio. The book then goes systematically through chord tones for jazz chords, including inversions, in a systematic manner. The book also covers scales, typical progressions and turnaround.
The book does a good job in explaining basic chord and scale theory for beginning jazz bass players. For anyone starting out playing jazz bass and lack the basic theory I would recommend the book, it looks like a well organized introduction.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 71 pages

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