Singing Success 360

Singing Success 360

Feb 16, 2023

Singing Success 360 download free. It is primarily an audio-based course and is the ultimate resource for singers! It contains over 100 singing exercises compiled onto 8 Technique and 8 Style Lessons that inform your mind, acclimate your ear, and coordinate your voice. We put the world's most effective singing method, vocal coaches, online singing lessons videos & tips all in one place... the palm of your hand.
Singing Success 360 is the ultimate resource for singers of all skill levels. Whether you are having trouble singing those high notes, singing in tune, finding vocal power and endurance, developing your vibrato, or improving your vocal tone and style, this revolutionary program is guaranteed to help you dramatically improve your singing ability as well as develop your own unique voice, giving you the freedom to sing with consistency and ease.
Singing Success 360 is celebrity vocal coach Brett Manning’s newest and most extensive vocal training program to date. The methods contained in this program are based on Brett’s most current teaching methodologies resulting from over 25 years of teaching and research and are designed to produce faster results through a more systematic approach. The Style section in Singing Success 360 includes 10 of the most common musical genres which includes improvisational sing-a-long tracks to help you develop your own unique style in whichever genre you choose.

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Technique lessons:

  • Discovering Your Voice
  • Discovering High Notes
  • Discovering Vocal Power
  • Discovering The Light Voice
  • Discovering Vocal Freedom
  • Discovering Melody
  • Discovering Mastery

Style lessons:

  • Discovering BASIC Licks, Trills, & Runs
  • Discovering ADVANCED Licks, Trills, & Runs
  • Discovering Your Sound
  • Discovering Stylistic Subtleties
  • Discovering Musical Genres
  • Discovering Improvisation
  • Discovering The X Factor

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Year: 2014
Country: USA
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Audio: AAC, 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz, 2ch
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Singing Success 360

Singing Success 360

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38 comments on “Singing Success 360”

  1. I'm not using MAC OS, so my help is limited. But... try to unpack only the 1st part, it should hook up next parts automatically. Also try to use The Unarchiver for MAC.

  2. i have a MacBook Air and I use RAR extractor and expender .I unpack all together
    separately it doesn't seems to work

  3. What is the software are you using? Is it the latest version? Does it support RAR5 archives? How are you unpacking? Do you unpack each part separately? Have you read the FAQ's page? For me no problems at all, I'm using WinRAR.

  4. I checked each files of the 10 (.rar) they all look like the right size

  5. that's what I ve done several times but only the bonus appears...

  6. I Downloaded it but it doesn't seem complete, there are only two shorts video. Did something wrong happened?

  7. No, you don’t need a premium account. You can download free too but is a slow download

  8. There is no any password. Try to use another software to unpack.

  9. what are the passwords to raw files I am a premium member

  10. man i can wait to download this package. Love this website!

  11. I don't find Singing Success 360 audio program, just some videos. Where can I get the complete audio program?

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