Sean Thrower Traversing the Fretboard PDF

Sean Thrower - Traversing the Fretboard

Oct 7, 2023

Sean Thrower Traversing the Fretboard PDF. Utilizing the CAGED System in More Ways than One. Traversing the Fretboard is designed to help guitarists of all levels and styles of playing strengthen their understanding of how notes are organized across the fretboard. This method uses the CAGED System to build and demonstrate a connection between chord shapes and scale patterns. It also shows how the CAGED System can act as the foundation for forming seventh chords, finding and playing open and closed voicings, and discussing music theory. Along the way, there are many engaging musical examples (with free, downloadable audio tracks) from a variety of genres to offer a diverse application of the ideas discussed in each chapter. This book can help the beginner move beyond first position, offer new conceptual ideas to the seasoned guitarist, provide insight into improvisation and composition, help strengthen sight-reading and memorization, and connect guitarists to a wider range of musical styles.
An excellent book by Sean Thrower about new ways to envision the guitar fretboard. This book is well organized, breaking down CAGED chord shapes, chord voices, and many other important topics. The CAGED system is "a point of reference to help build stronger context and organization when navigating the fretboard," and Sean illustrates and teaches the reader the methodology throughout the book using diagrams and easy-to-follow analysis. Sean is a brilliant author, musician, and even better person.
Excellent source for guitarists (players and teachers) to expand their conceptualization of the fretboard. This does a good job of summarizing the CAGED system and presenting it in an instantly usable way. A must-have for the guitarist's music stand.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 133 pages

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