Sean Malone A Portrait Of Jaco: The Solos Collection PDF

Sean Malone - A Portrait Of Jaco: The Solos Collection

Dec 30, 2022

Sean Malone A Portrait Of Jaco The Solos Collection PDF. Explore the technical brilliance and musical genius of the greatest electric bassist the world has ever known. This book features highly detailed analysis of 12 of Jaco's epic bass solos. Accurate transcriptions of the best and most forward-looking solos in Jaco's canon. The accompanying explanations and contextual material make great sense and are most welcome. If you're a bass player, just get it. You won't regret it. Malone points out what Jaco did stylistically and with note selection that gave him that elusive characteristic "signature sound" that only the truly great musicians had. The title was very clear. This book deals with the "solos" of Jaco and NOT his legendary "grooves". Dr. Malone rightly places Jaco among the musical geniuses of all time and affords the credit due to this master of music and the electric bass. This book will satisfy and should be on the shelf of every true Jaco afficianado.

Songs include:

  • Amerika
  • Bright Size Life
  • Chromatic Fantasy
  • Continuum
  • Days of Wine and Roses
  • Donna Lee
  • Havona
  • Port of Entry
  • Portrait of Tracy
  • Punk Jazz
  • Slang
  • (Used to Be A) Cha Cha

Format: PDF, 64 pages.

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One comment on “Sean Malone - A Portrait Of Jaco: The Solos Collection”

  1. I love Jaco, he's on of my inspiration model when it comes to bass players and i like the idea of studying his solos. Thank you very much for all.

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