Scott Su Playing Guitar So Easy PDF

Scott Su - Playing Guitar So Easy

Mar 29, 2021

Scott Su Playing Guitar So Easy PDF. The Ultimate Book For Beginner. This book is designed for individuals who are interested in beginning level of guitar learning, and shows an efficient and essential way to quickly get the abilities that a guitar beginner should have. Considering beginner's goal of learning, this book covers possibly LESS music theory and focuses directly on the guitar playing instead, including fundamental playing and learning on various tempos and reading simple sheet music.
This book also contains detailed & clear concepts to SOLVE Problems that beginners may have. Beginners can also learn how to easily deal with songs if they have a key problem when singing with their guitar. You may then, find music to play from the Internet on your own.
If you are tired of singing, this easy guitar book also teach you how to easily play a song with instrumental style, which means Fingerstyle.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 92 pages

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