Scott Miller Rock Keyboard PDF

Scott Miller - Rock Keyboard

Jul 31, 2020

Scott Miller Rock Keyboard PDF. The Rock Keyboard book/CD pack in the Keyboard Style Series is chock full of authentic rock keyboard parts! Learn to comp or solo in any of your favorite rock styles. Listen to the 99-track CD to hear your parts fit in with the total groove of the band.
A great book that includes valuable fingering notation. You should know how to read music, though fluency is not required and the CD examples help re-enforce any question on rhythm.
It teaches 8 different Rock styles which have many different pattern drills (97) for left and right hands to practice to and some also play along with backing track that comes with the book. There are 97 backing tracks on the CD which let you hear what each of the example practice drills sound like and most of them go through the pattern drills twice.
Examples are in easy keys, C, G, F, Bb, and Eb.
The example practice drills throughout the book really don't pertain to any top artists persay, and there are no songs at the end of the book like some of the other books in this series.


  • Classic rock
  • Pop Rock
  • Blues Rock
  • Southern Rock
  • Hard rock
  • Progressive Rock
  • Alternative Rock
  • Heavy Metal

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 56 pages

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