Scott Fore Flatpicking Solos PDF

Scott Fore - Flatpicking Solos

Aug 20, 2023

Scott Fore Flatpicking Solos PDF. 12 Contest-Winning Arrangements. Here is a great selection of fairly challenging solo guitar pieces. If you can master any of them you will have a performance piece good enough to impress anyone. Or, as advertised, compete with. The pieces are from traditional repertory but they sound fantastic. The solos range from moderate to difficult. The best way to master these solos is to memorize them. You will notice the fret hand is almost in slow motion compared to his picking hand. The CD has the solo with accompaniment and two more tracks of just the accompaniment in various speeds. The accompaniment, though not notated, is not too difficult to figure out since the chord symbols are above the solos and they sound great on their own.
Here, for the first time in print, are the championship flatpicking arrangements that have won Scott Fore numerous national competitions. The accompanying CD contains full-length recordings of each of Scott's arrangements, played by Scott himself, and full rhythm tracks so you can play, too!
If you are already an acceptable flatpicker you should buy this book! Lots of variations in the melody with several breaks in each song. It's worth buying just to have the Scott's CD to play in your car, house, etc. Scott Fore IS the flatpick king. This CD/book will inspire you, or possibly crush you. Unless you are already skilled with the flatpick you will need help from a good flatpicker to learn these renditions. Curiously, the book claims 12 contest winners, but there are only 10 tunes in the book.

Songs include:

  • Alabama Jubilee
  • Blackberry Blossom
  • Cluck Old Hen
  • Angeline The Baker
  • The Red Haired Boy
  • Whiskey Before Breakfast
  • Bill Cheatham
  • Ragtime Annie
  • The Beaumont Rag
  • St. Anne's Reel

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 73 pages

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