Scott Barnard - Bass Hanon

Scott Barnard - Bass Hanon

May 28, 2023

Scott Barnard Bass Hanon PDF. 75 Exercises to Build Endurance and Flexibility for Bass Guitar Players. Bass Instruction. If you want to work on your bass guitar chops, this is the book for you! These 75 exercises will help you build your endurance and flexibility, challenging you in fun, interesting and methodical ways. Topics include:

  • left-hand finger patterns;
  • pull-offs and hammer-ons;
  • string crossing;
  • harmonic technique;
  • arpeggios;
  • scales;
  • blues sequences;
  • chords on the bass;
  • articulations;
  • rhythms;
  • harmonics;
  • and more.

This is a great bass book that will work on both hands with dexterity bit by bit and your ear will greatly improve. Take in little chunks at a time with a little bit of daily discipline you’re playing will improve like crazy!
Do you want to improve your dexterity and improve the mechanics of your playing? Of course you do. Otherwise you would not be reading these reviews. So do yourself a favor and get this book. Following the exercises presented in Bass Hannon and implementing them with disciplined into my daily practice routine helped me immensely.

Format: PDF, 174 pages

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