Ron Gorow Hearing And Writing Music PDF

Ron Gorow - Hearing And Writing Music

Jun 2, 2024

Ron Gorow Hearing And Writing Music PDF. In this book you will discover: Transcribing techniques. How to maximize your creativity and productivity. How to develop your craft by consolidating techniques. How to read music with your ears. How you can write music without using an instrument. How to write music spontaneously, as your ear guides your hand. How to communicate accurately through music notation. Why you don't need "perfect pitch." Tools to develop your music perception. 140 exercises, many music examples—models for a lifetime of study. Resources for composing, orchestrating, film scoring. Working in the music business. Where to find supplies, organizations, information, inspiration. A definitive guide and reference for composers, orchestrators, arrangers and performers.
This book will not give to you tons of melodies to sing, instead, it will teach you to internalize intervals and then will teach you to hear it in musical context, you WILL have to sing and YOU WILL have to have an instrument to practice. I don't recommend this book for a beginner who doesn't have a teacher though, not because its a complicated book, its not, its just because most students will not notice when they make mistakes. But if you are confident that its not your case, than that's the book for you.
The book has about 140 exercises. It starts with the REAL BASICS, some exercises seems non sense, like to hit things around and check its sound or to build your own instrument and play a few tones but, in context, its great for beginners who are eager to learn about the basics of how the sound works. The text is huge and very well explained (even for a non english speaker, like me, the vocabulary is quite accessible), at the end of each chapter it has a review part with questions you must answer (the answer is at the end of the book so you can correct it) or more exercises about that's chapter subject.
This book is so perfect for getting your ears around a new way of perceiving music. It explains the science behind tone, interval recognition and has great information on transcribing.

Format: PDF, 397 pages

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