Ron Carter Building Jazz Bass Lines PDF

Ron Carter - Building Jazz Bass Lines

May 3, 2024

Ron Carter Building Jazz Bass Lines PDF. In this book/CD pack, bass legend Ron Carter illustrates step by step the basic concepts of creating bass lines; constructing lines using non-harmonic tones and diverse rhythms; playing in fast tempos; and developing tone and pitch. Includes a play-along CD with an all-star rhythm section and isolated bass parts, so players can listen to Ron play the sample written lines, practice them with the CD, then create their own lines with the guitar, piano and drums backing them up.
Is a nice book for beginners, gives examples of blues in most major keys, some examples in minor keys. The play along CD is helpful for practicing playing a fretless bass in tune.  The music is complicated enough to be interesting, but it is also presented in a basic way. The techniques are very helpful!

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 48 pages

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