Romero Lubambo Bossa Nova Guitar Licksamples

Romero Lubambo - Bossa Nova Guitar Licksamples

Sep 20, 2023

Romero Lubambo Bossa Nova Guitar Licksamples download. Romero Lubambo, the world's most in-demand bossa nova guitarist, shows you 33 essential bossa nova guitar patterns – direct from Brazil! This DVD features one-on-one instruction plus lots of performance footage that allows you to see up-close how these bossa nova patterns are used by a master.
Part 1 - Basic Patterns: Eight important chord progressions based on the classic, basic bossa nova rhythm.
Part 2 - Advanced Patterns: Three new rhythmic patterns are developed from the basic rhythm, and eight new chord patterns are introduced using those rhythms.
Part 3 - Great Guitar Styles of Bossa Nova: Six different styles influenced by legendary bossa nova guitar players like Joao Gilberto, Luiz Bonfa, and Baden Powell.
Part 4 - Melodic Patterns: Eight new melodic patterns are introduced featuring the styles showcased in the previous patterns. Plus, exciting performances that demonstrate solo guitar style, accompanying a singer and performing ina band setting, featuring Romero Lubambo, Pamela Driggs, and Trio da Paz. In addition, Romero discusses the history and legendary players of bossa nova.
In slow, deliberate fashion, Brazilian jazz master Romero Lubambo demonstrates a series of ascending and descending chord sequences that, will have newbies slapping their heads and muttering "so that's how it's done." He doesn't solo or demonstrate entire songs, except for a couple of performances with members of his renowned Trio da Paz, and with his vocalist wife Pamela Driggs. So advanced guitarists looking to learn the bossa nova repertoire won't get as much out of this DVD as those simply trying to understand the basics of the genre. The accompanying booklet includes helpful transcriptions of the lessons by members of the Japanese team that produced the DVD. Bossa nova chords are voiced very differently from American jazz chords and it would have been extremely helpful to learn the chords first, before watching the DVD. Oh well, this is still a terrific DVD for guitarists who want to penetrate the mysteries of this beautiful music.
The DVD gives you plenty of material for practicing Bossa Nova technique. Some are what the author called "rhythmic," while others are "harmonic," and the remaining ones have a bit of a melody included in them. Also there is an accurate little tab book included to help you get the chords right.
He starts out with several progressions, and then teaches you different rhythm patterns to play them to. Most of the songs are slow to moderately fast, but some are very busy and fast. Also, the instructor, who was very clear and communicated well by the way, gives you some patterns that approximate the style of several Bossa Nova guitar greats. It shows just how complex and difficult this stuff can get, if you want to push it!
For those wanting to concetrate only on Bossa Nova Guitar, this DVD could really occupy your time. The bonus performances were also great, and one could transcribe the songs by starting and stopping the DVD and writing down the notes. The camera shots are very clear, and during demonstrations, shows both hands.
The left hand is shown on the main screen with the right hand being an inset image in the upper left corner.

Language: English
Year: 1998
Country: USA
Running time: 00:59:54
Quality: VHSRip
Video: DivX 5 384x288 25.00fps 561Kbps
Audio: PCM 44100Hz 705 Kbps
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 550 Mb

Romero Lubambo - Bossa Nova Guitar Licksamples

Romero Lubambo - Bossa Nova Guitar Licksamples

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