Rod Morgenstein – Drum Set Warm-Ups

Rod Morgenstein - Drum Set Warm-Ups

Apr 3, 2023

Rod Morgenstein Drum Set Warm-Ups PDF. Essential Exercises for Improving Technique. Step away from the practice pad! Legendary drummer Rod Morgenstein reveals his innovative warm-up method designed to limber up your entire body. Features exercises to develop and improve your speed, power, control, coordination, independence, accuracy, endurance and agility. With this book, you'll gain a greater facility and command of the drum set, along with an increased feeling of confidence. "The definitive text for improving technical facility on the drum set."
If you're serious about playing the drum set well, then you NEED this book. It does for the set-playing drummer what George Lawrence Stone's "Stick Control" does for the snare drummer. You probably won't play these exercises during a song, but you'll play a lot better, and fast. Some of these exercises are downright brain-expanding. There is so much in this book you'll find fresh stuff to practice for the next ten years. This is for intermediate drummers at least, and is not a drum method. If you already know how to play drum set, and want to play better, buy this book!
This book is absolutely the best book on the market for developing drum set technique. It is so much fun to work through the exercises. It takes practice for these exercises to be put to their full potential but you will see results fast.
This book is for intermediate players and not beginners. Beginners are better off learning new beats and feeling encouraged by being able to keep steady time and grooving to songs. This book isn't about that.
This book dissects the drumset and gives you tons of mechanical exercises on how to move around the set with control, dexterity and endurance. Its much more than just licks for warming up actually... its designed to make you a more proficient technician. Once you can play basic beats, this book can help you take your playing and technique to the next level - more control, power and speed.

Format: PDF, 98 pages

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