Robben Ford Playin' The Blues

Robben Ford - Playin' The Blues

Oct 24, 2019

Robben Ford Playin' The Blues download free. Good instructional video for fans of Ford, or intermediate guitarists who want a new perspective on playing blues guitar. There are countless ways for guitarists to tackle the blues... some choose an analytical approach, while others try to put as much emotion into the music as possible.
Guitarist Robben Ford seems to have found a happy middle-ground, which he tries to teach viewers to accomplish in Playin' the Blues. Ford walks guitarists through some basics of blues guitar, and provides some insight (including use of a modified minor pentatonic scale, which substitutes a sixth for the flattened seventh). Ford outlines his unique left hand technique, bending ideas, and much more in this 60 minute lesson. Although perhaps not the best choice for a novice's first blues guitar instructional video, fans of Robben Ford will find much to like about Playin' the Blues.
Here is a bona-fide blues master that also knows music theory! Many jazzers often play blues, but only for a brief period of time during a solo, and you can't really consider it "blues" per say. But Ford, who crosses many idioms, really CAN play the blues. One of his great qualities is his ability to string licks together - he plays long, beautifully articulated phrases, that are as much "from the gut" as any of the great blues masters. Memorize every lick on this just as you would "Bluesbreakers" or "Live at the Regal."
If you're passionate about electric blues, you should memorize as many of Robben's solos on this DVD as possible. This dvd (or video) is especially good because you can isolate some of things he does and learn it note by note--then you realize that this man is like a treasure chest full of licks. I don't think there is one musical passage on here that cannot be a starting point for a great solo. The only other blues guitarist that phrases this well is B.B. King. Ford plays like B.B. at his best, but ALL THE TIME.


  • Scales For Blues Soloing
  • Fingerings
  • String Bending
  • 12 Bar Blues Solo
  • Slo-Mo Blues
  • Chords And Comping
  • Five Chord Voicings For The Blues

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Language: English
Year: 1988
Country: USA
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Robben Ford - Playin' The Blues

Robben Ford - Playin' The Blues

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