Rhythm magazine June 2015 PDF

Rhythm magazine June 2015

Mar 2, 2022

Rhythm magazine June 2015 PDF download. Since 1985 Rhythm’s global team of percussion experts has delivered the most authoritative, user-friendly and exciting drum magazine on the planet. Inside each issue you’ll find the biggest interviews with the world’s hottest players, insightful features that take you deep into the history and fabric of drumming, useful practical tutorials to get you hands-on with your drums, exclusive video and audio tutorials on disc to help you dramatically improve your playing, whatever your level, plus gear advice, vintage kit unearthed and our verdict on the hottest new drum products. Rhythm: Everything a drummer needs!
So if you fancy yourself as the next Charlie Watts or the next Jimmy Chamberlain, then you need Rhythm magazine in your life to stay up to date with all the latest drumming news and need-to-know gossip. There are always really great fascinating interviews in this magazine with the best drummers around at the moment. Readers can get inspired and learn about all the intimate stories of the stars from these revealing interviews.
The magazine will also have technique sections with lessons and helpful detailed instructions with notes and diagrams to help you improve as quickly as possible. There will also usually be a free CD with the magazine which you can use as you are reading the magazine to help get a deeper understanding of the techniques required.
This magazine is a great mix of helpful drum lessons and interesting interviews and features on new kits and products. We think any drummer will love Rhythm magazine because the focus is entirely on them. We think that it is definitely time for every drummer to step out from behind their kit and into the spotlight.

Rhythm magazine June 2015 (#242) contents:

  • Mike Bordin - From Faith No More to Ozzy Osbourne and back again
  • Debbie Knox-Hewson - Charli XCX
  • Ryan Van Poederooyen - Devin Townsend Project
  • Buyer's Guide - The 10 best budget wood snare drums
  • Arejay Hale - Halestorm
  • New stuff from Faith No More, Asaf Sirkis, Mark Knopfler, Benny Greb and more
  • Full Track. Hush - Deep Purple
  • Get Creative With Stepping In Time
  • Video playalong. Off Peak Dreams - Ghostpoet
  • Go figure Power Swing
  • Rhythm concepts - Brazilian Rhythms part 3
  • The foundations fo drumming Creating A Groove to go with a song
  • Video playalong. Apocalyptic - Halestorm
  • Beat builder. 8-Bar chalenge part 7
  • Teasers. 15/16 Mambo
  • Improve your soloing with Double bass drum ostinato
  • Gear reviews

Text Format PDF, 116 pages

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