Ray Luzier: Double Bass Drum Techniques, Hand & Foot Coordination, Drum Fills And Warm-Up Exercises

Ray Luzier: Double Bass Drum Techniques, Hand & Foot Coordination, Drum Fills And Warm-Up Exercises

Nov 28, 2023

This powerhouse rock drummer shares exercises for warm-ups, accent, and double stroke rolls, hand and foot coordination, double bass drum techniques, grooves and fills, building bass drum speed, and more. Included is an instructional booklet. Billy Sheehan and Toshi Hiketa are featured.
Rock band veteran and surprisingly accessible drum teacher Ray Luzier (formerly of the David Lee Roth Band) provides tons of easy-to-follow tips and exercises to improve viewers' bass drum skills, including coordination, independence, and speed. Luzier then puts his money where his mouth is with blistering live performances - accompanied by Billy Sheehan on bass and Toshi Hiketa on guitar to complete this unique, nearly two-hour program.

Ray takes you through simple exercises, from beginner to intermediate and even onto advanced skills, slowly showing each step along the way so you can easily follow what he's doing. His level of dvd tuition is very advanced, this dvd from Ray Luzier is a very practical tool for drummers on any level, in any style. It teaches simple double bass technique, how to improve your double bass, but also how to use it effectively, not just thunderously. He also shows rhythmic independence with the hands while playing double bass patterns and ostinatos. Mostly a rock drummer, Ray uses examples to show some good funk grooves, using ghost notes, accents, and many of the basic rudiments found in all drumming styles today.
This dvd is an amazing and clear guide where you can find excelent performances from Ray himself along with brilliant musicians (Billy Sheehan on bass and great guitar player Toshi Hiketa), but the essential topics are related to the understanding and practice of the key concepts for approaching the hard rock drumming: hand and foot motion, double bass rhythms and fills, etc... everything you want to become a great perfomance and studio rock drummer.
Ray teaches independence in a way that is easy to grasp. His exercises are pretty advanced, but if taken slowly, prove to be very beneficial.

Language: English
Year: 2005
Country: USA
Running time: 1 h. 43 min.
Quality: DVD5
Video: NTSC 4:3 (720x480) VBR, 29.97fps 7500Kbps
Audio: LinearPCM, 2 ch 48000 Hz, 1536 Kbit/sec
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 4 Gb

Ray Luzier: Double Bass Drum Techniques
Ray Luzier: Double Bass Drum Techniques
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11 comments on “Ray Luzier: Double Bass Drum Techniques, Hand & Foot Coordination, Drum Fills And Warm-Up Exercises”

  1. Nice ostinato pattern with hands overtop the various bass drum patterns. I especially enjoyed the dynamics and the way the solo built to a climax. Want to get the dVd for sure.

  2. This is very very good, Thanks, i have a message for the Admin, can you upload ,,Hal Leonard Recording Method Complete Series by Bill Gibson,, please, Thank you in advance 😉

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