Poldi Zeitlin Understanding Music Theory PDF

Poldi Zeitlin - Understanding Music Theory

Jul 17, 2021

Poldi Zeitlin Understanding Music Theory PDF. This classic music guide, now in a handy new format, gives you a comprehensive grounding in music theory. Thorough a full introduction to music theory. Logical introduces new concepts step-by-step. Practical a worksheet with every lesson to let you monitor your own progress. Enjoyable makes learning fun with easy-to-understand explanations and examples.
By the time you've completed the course you'll understand the principles of harmony and be able to play simple piano accompaniments. You'll also have and ideal grounding for further study of harmony and counterpoint. You'll be surprised how fast you learn.
This volume offers a foundation course for use by students and teachers. You start at the beginning and advance to the point where you can harmonize and play satisfactory piano accompaniments to familiar tunes. Each paper is accompanied by a self-test work sheet and answers are given at the end of the book. Chapters include: staves; key signatures; major triads; harmonizing melodies; scales; tones and semitones; notes and intervals.

Format: PDF, 53 pages

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One comment on “Poldi Zeitlin - Understanding Music Theory”

  1. Another good surprise from Fast String!!
    Without the help of this site, it would be difficult for me to reach these and many other pearls of music education.
    Thank you very much!!

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