Pianist #114

Pianist #114

May 20, 2023

Pianist #114 PDF download. For the passionate players, or early beginners, Pianist PDF magazine will teach you the art of piano playing through professional advice, sheet music and lessons for all levels. Your piano playing journey starts here with the magazine that doubles as an entertaining read and the ultimate interactive piano teacher. Read, learn and play the piano with Pianist magazine every issue.
Pianist magazine PDF is adored internationally by those who have a passion for playing the piano. From Bach to Billy Joel, the magazine offers a wide range of music styles to learn from, as you don’t just read it - you play it too!
With PDF Pianist magazine you can expect nothing less than the very best when it comes to playing the instrument you love. You’ll have everything you need to play like an expert, including notes on technique, pedalling and interpretation, sheet music reviews, Q&As, teaching tips, in-depth ‘How to Play’ masterclasses, readers’ letters, piano news, interviews with top concert pianists and so much more!

Pianist #114 issue contents:

  • Behind closed doors. Quarantine is proving difficult, but Erica Worth finds a wealth of online activity to inspire
  • Zlata Chochieva. Jessica Duchen talks to the thoughtful Russian pianist about her studies with Pletnev and her love of the Romantics
  • How to Play Masterclass 1. If you want to master your phrasing, think more like a singer, says Mark Tanner
  • How to Play Masterclass 2. Repetition in practice is fine, says Graham Fitch, but only if you do it the right way
  • Piano Teacher Helpdesk. Kathryn Page offers up some handy tips for online teaching
  • How to Play 1. Good legato and little pedal is the key to success in this Berens study, says Melanie Spanswick
  • How to Play 2. Nils Franke teaches you how to use your imagination in Schumann’s Remembrance
  • How to Play 3. A solid left hand is crucial for mastering Debussy’s Valse romantique, says Lucy Parham
  • Beginner Keyboard Class Lesson 41: Exercises for accuracy.
  • The Scores. A pristine minuet by Schubert, a tender Idyll from Merikanto, a sparkling Allegro by Beethoven and a rare piece de clavecin by Royer
  • Playing By Ear.
  • The final lesson of this series tackles thirteenth chords
  • Put your foot down. Three top pianists and one Steinway technician dip into the intricate world of pedalling
  • Out of sight. Some loss of sight will affect most people by the time they reach 40 (bad news for score-reading). Andy Stewart speaks to professionals for advice
  • Winning Score. Find out why a sultry tango, packed with Argentinian swagger, took top prize in Pianist’s 2020 Composing Competition
  • Jazz Icons. Dave Brubeck will always be remembered for his ‘Take Five’. But there’s so much more to the jazz legend, whose 100th anniversary is this year, says Philip Clark
  • Repertoire focus. Warwick Thompson talks to the director of Grand Piano – the record label devoted to rare repertoire
  • Sheet Music Reviews. Core repertoire from ABRSM, art-inspired music from Pam Wedgwood, cool blues from Mike Cornick and more

Text Format PDF, 99 pages

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