Peter Gelling Teach Yourself Blues Harmonica PDF

Peter Gelling - Teach Yourself Blues Harmonica

Feb 15, 2021

Peter Gelling Teach Yourself Blues Harmonica PDF. 10 Easy Lessons. Specifically designed for students who wish to play Blues Harmonica, either in a group or for fun. The emphasis is on making music immediately. Includes note bending, train whistle and rhythm sounds, vibrato and improvisation.
There are many 'basic' introductions to Blues Harp on the market; but most of them are either good on introducing you to the techniques, but full of tedious and unenthusing 'practice themes', or else (even more common) offer a few enjoyable exercises but hardly explain the skills they develop or how to use the riffs to further your general development.
This book has a nearly perfect balance of hints on playing technique and real tunes, riffs, and grooves to make the techniques worth practising (and learning). The CD is very helpful for playing along.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 61 pages

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