Gear Secrets of the Guitar Legends PDF

Pete Prown - Gear Secrets of the Guitar Legends

Jul 22, 2022

Gear Secrets of the Guitar Legends PDF. How to Sound Like Your Favorite Players. Explore the sounds of more than 30 guitar legends, from '50s rock'n'rollers to today's nu-metal practitioners. You'll discover the secrets of their classic tones, learn how they played their most famous rhythms & leads, and find out what gear they used to forge their unique styles. There is a good mix of players from various musical genres and enough info to satisfy players of all types. Even if you are not interested in certain guitar players it IS interesting to read about how they set up their gear.
This book is packed with info which will be of great interest to guitar gear-heads. You would have to search thorough decades of old guitar magazines to compile the facts found here. A lot of the popular guitar players from the last 40 years are represented here, with the obvious exceptions of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmy Page.
The rundown of the various guitars, amps, strings, and pedals, pedals, pedals used by these "Guitar Legends" gives a great insight in to the many sounds and tones you can generate from a electric guitar. More so Pete and Lisa go in to the playing styles of these players to give you ideas on how to go about adding some of there "Mojo" in to your style.
The enclosed CD by Pete Brown has many good examples of the different sounds and playing styles of the many guitarists in the book. It is not a big over produced demo. It sounds like it was recorded at home using gear most of us have or can afford. The cool thing is Mr. Brown has the guitar chops to pull off close approximations of the various "Guitar Legends" in the book. They are not perfect but they are well done nonetheless.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 124 pages

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