Paul Musso Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar PDF

Paul Musso - Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar (Teaching Your Guitar to Walk)

Jul 21, 2021

Paul Musso Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar PDF. Paul Musso has written an excellent method for learning how to play walking bass lines over jazz and blues progressions. Mr. Musso presents the material well, laying out exercises in a step-by-step approach that allows you to apply the technique immediately to common chord progressions. The example songs he uses are some great jazz standards, but after going through the book you'll be able to walk over any tune. Highly recommended "Teaching Your Guitar to Walk" to all guitarists who want to enhance their knowledge of their instrument!
A very well-written book teaching the popular fingerstyle bass/chord "walking" jazz guitar technique. This book is made to order for the novice fingerstyle jazz guitarist who wants to tie chord progressions together with great sounding bass lines. Through short exercises and original compositions, Paul Musso establishes theoretical ground rules for a systematic approach to playing creative bass lines. Technical and harmonic concepts are gradually introduced with the goal that students are able to lay down authoritative bass lines of their own invention. In notation and tablature.
If you're ready to break out of the 1-4-5 pop-rock rut and start playing jazz guitar, this is your book. This book will NOT turn you into Joe Pass, but then again, no book will. It is an introduction to jazz rhythm guitar, and as such, it is without parallel. If you work with this book, your guitar technique will expand dramatically. People will wonder where you learned how to play so jazzily, and with such swing.
Does exactly what it's supposed to do - teaches walking bass combined with chords - and does it very well.
Not that difficult, but not for the complete beginner either. Standard notation, chord grids and tab, with well recorded examples of every example.


  • Barr Chord Blues
  • Bird Blues
  • G Jam Blues
  • Jazz Blues
  • Latin Lines
  • Minor Bar Blues
  • Moveable Two-Five-One Patterns
  • Parallel Lines
  • Rhythm Changes
  • Seasons
  • Southern Ragtime
  • Southern Swing
  • Star Gazing
  • The Thrill Isn't Gone
  • Tritone Blues
  • Walkin In 3
  • Walkin In 4

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 61 pages

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