Paul Lolax Fingerpicking Scales PDF

Paul Lolax - Fingerpicking Scales

Oct 26, 2022

Paul Lolax Fingerpicking Scales PDF. The intention of this Qwikguide book/audio set is to give you a basic introduction to use the scales. Scales are the foundation upon which any style of music is based. From then you can build chords, melodies, and systems of harmonies. No matter what style of music you want to pursue, you'll find that the same patterns keep showing up. The basic scales that every musician eventually has to learn -major, minor and pentatonic are included in this book, along with crosspicking scales in standard and alternate tunings, diminished, and augmented scales. On the guitar, scales in open positions are generally more difficult than scales in closed positions. This book includes scales in both open and closed positions. By working with these scales, the student will gain a sense of when to move from string to string in a scale passage. The exercises will help students focus on the technique, tone, smoothness and fluency which come with scale practice. Open-position scales are also used frequently in fingerstyle solos. In notation and tablature.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 33 pages

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