Pat Thrall Improvising Rock Guitar Volume 1 PDF

Pat Thrall - Improvising Rock Guitar Volume 1

Nov 20, 2020

Pat Thrall Improvising Rock Guitar Volume 1 PDF. Does anyone remember a cool tab instructional book from 1973 called "Improvising Rock Guitar"? Playing good lead style rock guitar isn't easy to do. There's lots of tricks and gimmicks to it, evolved over the years by genuis minds and agile fingers. Bends, Shakes, Pulls. The good notes that make the bad sounds. In this book on rock guitar, Green Note publications wants to include it all.
We got together a first-rate rock band (pictures and notes inside back cover), and recorded a couple of rock jams, featuring the kind of lead guitar work all the heavies do or have done, with every growl and scream present and accounted for.
The result is a book which can be used by professional guitarists and complete beginners alike; a book which, because of the wealth of specific detail it contains (all of it highly organized and graphically presented) can truly be termed "the most comprehensive guide to lead-style rock guitar ever devised."

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 115 pages

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12 comments on “Pat Thrall - Improvising Rock Guitar Volume 1”

  1. This book was my bible in 1974-75. I gave my copy to a nice lady in Lake Louise.

  2. Thanks mate!

    I am now able to get this and a few others that you've updated.

    I thank you for helping to improve my musicianship skills!

  3. Is it possible to get an ex-load link to this file? Thanks a lot!

  4. I would love love love to view this book. I have heard soo many good things about it. Can you please help?

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