Muriel Anderson - 50 Right Hand Techniques You Must Know

Muriel Anderson - 50 Right Hand Techniques You Must Know

Oct 11, 2023

Attention Bluesmen, Rockers, Jazzers, Folksters, Twangers, Fingerpickers, Singer-Songwriters and anybody else that straps a guitar on for work or pleasure - this is a must-have guitar course for you!
Muriel Anderson's 50 Right-Hand Techniques You MUST Know is the first and only resource of its kind, and it's especially relevant today as musical styles converge to create fresh, exciting and interesting accompaniments, solos and compositions.
Using the correct right-hand technique is often times the very essence of a particular style and so whether you are drilling down on a specific style or more focused on spicing up your sound overall, this course will provide the visual and technical guidance necessary.
50 Right-Hand Techniques covers ALL of the essential right-hand techniques: Tone & Motion of Right Hand, Motion of the Thumb, Shaping Fingernails & Picks, Free Stroke, Rest Stroke, Twist & Slice, Flamenco Picado, Planting, Staccato, Arpeggio 4/4 Time, Lullaby Pattern in 3/4 & 4/4, Arpeggio Exercises, Thumb-index Roll, Bouncing the Arm, Fingerpicking Patterns, Alternating Bass with Melody, Scarborough Fair Pattern, Bluegrass Banjo Technique, Chet Atkins Muffled Bass, Merle Travis Bass, Leo Kottke Bass, Easy Strumming Concept, Calypso, Rumba Slap, Golpe, Muted Chord, Ghost Notes, Jazz Picking Technique, Flat-picking Technique, Bluegrass Backup, Bluegrass Backup Variations, Jazz Hybrid Pick-finger, Index-thumb Picking, Chicken Pickin', Samba Basic, Thumb Up & Down Stroke, Rasquado, Continuous Roll, Tremolo Variations, Back of Nail Koto, Feathering Strings, Frailing, Harmonics Overview, Stretching Technique and you even get exercises to help your right hand stay relaxed.
Learn, combine and use them all, or just keep the course handy as a reference when you dive in to other styles. Either way 50 Right-Hand Techniques You MUST Know will serve you well for your entire playing lifetime.

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Muriel Anderson - 50 Right Hand Techniques You Must Know

Muriel Anderson - 50 Right Hand Techniques You Must Know

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