Mokhtar Samba African Rhythms and Independence for Drumset PDF

Mokhtar Samba - African Rhythms and Independence for Drumset

Jan 8, 2022

Mokhtar Samba African Rhythms and Independence for Drumset PDF. A Guidebook for Applying Rhythms from North, Central, and West Africa to Drumset. Mokhtar Samba's powerful drumming can be heard throughout the world on recordings and tours with Salief Keita, Youssou N'Dour, Richard Bona, Joe Zawinul, Graham Haynes, Jean-Luc-Ponty, l'Orchestre National de Jazz (ONJ), and many others. Mokhtar's Moroccan/Senegalese heritage, mixed with the jazz and Afro-fusion atmosphere of Paris, has created one of the most exciting drummers of our time. This book takes the student through several rhythms from all over the continent of Africa. Mokhtar breaks each rhythm down into movements, or exercises, that help the student develop the coordination and time feel necessary to play the various patterns that offer multiple permutations of these rhythms.
This new book is an important addition to a small but growing list of excellent method books that apply traditional African rhythms, from many of its countries, to the drumset. If you're a drumset player who's been developing your Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and "World Beat" chops, or curious about hand percussion rhythms and how to apply them to the kit, don't pass this book by! Roots rhythms are made fresh, challenging and fun! Talk about coming full circle - by embracing the past, Mokhtar points us in the direction of the drumset's future!

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 50 pages

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