Modern Guitar Method Grade 2

Modern Guitar Method Grade 2

Dec 23, 2022

Modern Guitar Method Grade 2 PDF. Grade 2 explores more complex rhythms in carefully graded solo and duet settings with parallel lessons in music theory- just enough to keep students up to speed in terms of what they are expected to play. The book begins with a review of playing in the key of C major but soon goes to F major/D minor followed by D major/B minor. Written in standard notation only.
This second book in the series, Level 2 continues the education began in Level 1. This second book, more so than the first, does require the assistance of an instructor or experienced player. Although it still introduces new techniques with decent visual graphics and adequate written instruction, it does not allow for the beginner to reference it in the way Mel Bay 1 does. Instead, this second book advances a little more quickly, with more advanced playing technique that develops the individual player's skill with such devices as scales, plectrum technique, more advanced bar chords, and beginning movement in positions up the neck.
As with level one, the book continues to introduce players to new chords, and provides practical applications of these chords to songs to be attempted by the guitar student. The intent of this technique is to master the use of the chords in playing styles that are more classically evolved rather than only focusing on rhythm playing. The result is a more rounded education with a playing style that, upon completion of this book, should begin to become highly developed.

Format: PDF, 47 pages

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4 comments on “Modern Guitar Method Grade 2”

  1. Hi! I canĀ“t download de pdf. Can you tell me the way? Thanks!

  2. Thanks, but was the scanner drunk? As with "Grade 1," the scan is horrible/missing notes.

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