Mike Christiansen Bossa Nova & Samba for Guitar PDF

Mike Christiansen - Bossa Nova & Samba for Guitar

Nov 24, 2021

Mike Christiansen Bossa Nova & Samba for Guitar PDF. This book contains the elements necessary to learn to play authentic bossa nova and samba accompaniment patterns. The material is presented in a sequential easy-to-follow format. As well as accompaniment techniques, the book contains sections on chord voicings, common progressions, and playing bossa nova and samba solos. The student is taught how to apply the techniques to sheet music and lead sheets. All of the examples are demonstrated on the accompanying CD.
Mike appears to have a talent at teaching, which many other authors do not. He understands the concept of building on the simple to reach the complex. Mel Bay publications appears to have a better than average stable of authors who understand this concept.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 51 pages

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