Michael O'Dorn Getting Into Travis Picking PDF

Michael O'Dorn - Getting Into Travis Picking

Nov 18, 2023

Michael O'Dorn Getting Into Travis Picking PDF. This book will enlighten Merle Travis enthusiasts and fingerstyle pickers alike. It will take you from an ordinary way of playing fingerstyle guitar to the extraordinary technique that Merle brought to the world. Based on the author's personal lessons from Merle himself, this book provides the beginning to intermediate guitarist with a look into his techniques, riffs, and rolls. Includes in-depth studies on how Merle used his right-hand techniques and left-hand chords to play with his thumb over the neck. Each tune is presented as a simple version then a Travis picking progression. You'll take a step-by-step journey into the unique style of Travis picking.
Getting Into Travis Picking is a good beginning thumb style pickin' book. You should probably already have some knowledge of guitar playing as it is not a beginning guitar players book. Michael teaches you several riffs and rolls used by the legendary Merle Travis and demonstrates their use in several songs at the end of the book. Study the riffs well as they will help you develop the basic "oom-pah" beat that this style is famous for. The CD lets you hear what you are striving for which is a must in the book.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 86 pages

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