Mark Harrison Contemporary Jazz Piano PDF

Mark Harrison - Contemporary Jazz Piano

Dec 18, 2021

Mark Harrison Contemporary Jazz Piano PDF. The Complete Guide with Audio.  This comprehensive book with online audio will teach you the basic skills needed to play the variety of styles that comprise contemporary jazz piano. From comping to soloing, you'll learn the theory, tools, and techniques used by the pros. The accompanying audio demonstrates most of the music examples in the book. The full-band tracks feature the rhythm section on the left channel and the piano on the right channel, so you can play along with the band!
The book contains 92 tracks associated with his CD and very thorough reviews of the theory and practice sets for 78 pages devoted to theory, practice, and comping. Pages 79 thru 101 are the Chapter 6 Style File, seven tunes written in different contemporary jazz styles. They are a mixture of comping, melody treatment, and improvised solo sections.
This is not a book that will teach you to do jazz in one day. It is a book that will explain jazz, jazz comping styles, harmony, voicings, rhythmic varieties, and solo techniques. This book would be for the advanced keyboardist.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 106 pages

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