Mark Hanson – The Art of Solo Fingerpicking

Mark Hanson - The Art of Solo Fingerpicking

Mar 2, 2023

The Art of Solo Fingerpicking PDF. How to Play Alternating-Bass Fingerstyle Guitar Solos PDF. Mark Hanson's focused method includes an instructional and accompaniment CD, 14 solos, and measure-by-measure instruction. It also features standard notation and tablature, tunes and exercises played at slow and performance speed, and detailed, thorough instruction for numerous different styles and techniques.
This is volume 2 of Mark Hanson's The Art of Travis-Style Picking, one of the best starter manuals for would-be fingerpickers, and it picks up where that excellent book/CD left off. Most of the compositions are by Hanson; if you love Fahey, Kottke, Ackerman, de Grassi, etc. and wouldn't mind learning how to play like that, this is your ticket. The two David Blakeley numbers are also quite fine, as are arrangements of Libby Cotten's "Freight Train" and John Renbourn's version of "White House Blues."
The Art of Solo Fingerpicking is an intermediate fingerpicking book. If you can only strum a few chords or are new to fingertyle, start off with Mark's The Art of Contemporary Travis Style Picking first and then come back to this one.
The exercises (in both books) are excellent and reinforced by the songs. The exercises are difficult enough to challenge but easy enough so you don't get frustrated. I found myself playing things that I never thought I could play in a very short period of time. The songs are challenging and excellent. But again, they are not too difficult to frustrate you.
The tunes are amazing - which is rare for an instruction book. The originals and traditional songs are both challenging and entertaining. By the way, when you finish this book, you will have some excellent show-off material in your repertoire.

Topics covered:

  • Hand Position
  • Alternating-Bass Fundamentals
  • Beyond Pattern Playing
  • Alternating Bass In Other Meters
  • Additional Thumb Techniques
  • Right Hand Rolls
  • Damping
  • Gaining Speed: Left Hand Articulation
  • Appendices

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 82 pages

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