Marcel Dadi ‎La Guitare A Dadi PDF.

Marcel Dadi ‎– La Guitare A Dadi

Aug 31, 2021

Marcel Dadi ‎La Guitare A Dadi PDF. This set contains rare songs and tabs of great French master Marcel Dadi. The language of the book is French, there are 30 songs transcribed in tabs. Very interesting material for fingerpicking guitarists. Also recommended to watch the video of right hand techniques. It is recommended Marcel Dadi - Techniques Traditionnelles Du Picking and Marcel Dadi - Techniques Modernes Du Picking for Marcel's fans.

Songs include:

  • Blue Finger
  • La Madrugada
  • Windy and Warm-My Town-Ain't Gonna Work
  • Drive In
  • 9 Pound Hammer-I'm a Pilgrim-Steel Guitar Rag
  • Hawaiin Slack Key
  • Cannonball Rag
  • Rose Time
  • Saturday Night Shuffle
  • The Claw
  • Blue Bell-My Old Kentucky Home
  • Windy and Warm
  • Walking the Strings
  • Oh By Jingo, Oh By Jee
  • Doc's Guitar-Old Aunt Dinah
  • Black Mountain Rag
  • Mayan Dance
  • Winther's waltz (La guitare Dadi vol.1)
  • Oh Dadi blue (2e version) (La guitare Dadi vol.1)
  • Song for Chet (La guitare Dadi vol.1)
  • Old black piano (La guitare Dadi vol.1)
  • Poor lonesome Dadi (La guitare Dadi vol.1)
  • Far away (La guitare Dadi vol.1)
  • All alone (La guitare Dadi vol.1)
  • Magic box (La guitare Dadi vol.1)
  • Song for Leo (La guitare Dadi vol.1)
  • Song for Jerry (La guitare Dadi vol.1)
  • Song for Doc (La guitare Dadi vol.1)
  • From Paris with love (La guitare Dadi vol.1)
  • L' cho des savanes (La guitare Dadi vol.1)

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

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8 comments on “Marcel Dadi ‎– La Guitare A Dadi”

  1. I just love Marcel Dadi! Thanks for the upload!

  2. Im a big fan of country fingerstyle guitar and marcel was a great contributer

  3. Amazing!!Superb!!Thanks you so much for this compilation!!!

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