Louie Bellson Contemporary Brush Techniques PDF

Louie Bellson - Contemporary Brush Techniques

Apr 26, 2021

Louie Bellson Contemporary Brush Techniques PDF. The art of playing brushes has been one of the least understood aspects of the drummer's technique, and yet they are a necessary tool in order for the drummer to be well rounded. Although brush technique should be considered equally important to stick technique, most drummers today are only able to play one or two strokes, usually in ballad form. In writing this book, we have tried to give the drummer some new and original ways of approaching the art of playing brushes. It is our hope that the drummer will use the contents of this book to expand his/her skills and talents and to encourage drummers to make the art of playing brushes part of their total technique.
A complete introduction to all styles of brush playing, this volume includes conventional brush strokes, Latin brushes, special effects, solo exercises, rock beats.

Format: PDF, 38 pages. Audio CD missed

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