Lenny Breau Fingerstyle Jazz PDF

Lenny Breau - Fingerstyle Jazz

Dec 6, 2021

Lenny Breau Fingerstyle Jazz PDF. The late Lenny Breau was admired throughout the world for his complex fingerstyle jazz stylings. The first part contains Lenny's guitar workshop dealing with Building the Blues; Three Against Two, and Harmonics at Work. Section 2 presents three great Lenny Breau solos (5 O'Clock Bells; Little Blues, and Freight Train). Written in notation and tablature. Contains Lenny's "master class" on fingerstyle jazz guitar. 3 songs from book are not included on the audio files.
This book has a little something for all guitarists interested in Lenny's style. The main emphasis of the book is an entry-level intro to his finger-picking techniques. It really starts with simple ideas - if you already have some experience with it, this is a little too basic. But even more advanced Lenny fans will want it anyway - for the CD featuring Lenny himself talking and demonstrating! And there are a couple of transcriptions at the end - Five O'clock Bells, Little Blues, and Freight Train.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 62 pages

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  1. The incredible happened at last ! Thank you very much for Lenny Breau!

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