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Korn - Take A Look In The Mirror Guitar Tab Songbook

Sep 17, 2021

Korn Take A Look In The Mirror PDF. All the songs from Korn's 2003 metal album Take A Look In The Mirror in authentic Guitar Tab. All songs are transcribed by Hemme Luttjeboer except for Did My Time which is transcribed by Danny Begelman.
The band provided no lyrics based on their belief that music is a very personal thing and that each individual should be allowed to determine for themselves what each song means.
Korn are absolutely one of the best bands around. Not only are they original and innovative, but they are an extremely important band in music. This album was brilliant. It was, in essence, a return to the bands roots, which contained a more raw, gritty, intense nature than which existed on the last couple albums (which were brilliant as well, but that's another story).
Korn have always been an important piece of the alterna-metal puzzle, blending seamless grooves and aggressive guitar bursts with cathartic vocals and bass-friendly funk. It's the heavy metal Korn, right down to the funky bass and distorted but heavy guitars and David Silveria's awesome drumwork.
"Right Now" is a slice of madness, a venue for Jonathan Davis's venomous hatred toward whatever person he's attacking in the song...and the music only helps him along, with James and Brian's guitar work still very good and Fieldy's bass still thumping away. "Break Off Some" keeps the momentum going, and by the time you reach "Play Me", you'll be in for a big surprise as Nas guests on the track, his raps a foundation for Davis's vocal theatrics. "Did My Time" is a thundering, thick metal nugget, and "Counting On Me" and "Alive" take their time in winning you over with their chugging hard rock. "Ya'll Want A Single" wins over every cut as the most addictive song on the album, a vicious attack on the corruption that dominates the record industry, and Davis's lyrics are intelligent, thoughtful, and raging...and the music is undeniably catchy and groove-oriented. It's the boldest statement Korn has ever made, and with such statement, Korn left Epic for Virgin and, after GREATEST HITS was released, Brian left the group for reasons many of you know by now.
TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR is another great addition to the Korn collective, and showcases some of the smartest, most innovative music Korn has created. While extremely diverse as well as cathartic, Korn also has a knack for not selling out, and 'Single' clearly demonstrates Korn's apathy of the corrupt. MIRROR should give you many reasons to take another trip with Korn.

Songs include:

  • Right Now
  • Break Some Off
  • Counting On Me
  • Here It Comes Again
  • Deep Inside
  • Did My Time
  • Everything I've Known
  • Play Me
  • Alive
  • Let's Do This Now
  • I'm Done
  • Y'all Want A Single
  • When Will This End

Format: PDF, 98 pages

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