How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else

Ken Tamplin - How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else Volume 1

Dec 6, 2023

Ken Tamplin How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else Volume 1. Volume 1 is not a grading scale on your level of singing competence. It is not meant to measure your singing abilities. Volume 1 lays out the foundation of the method I teach and covers the key components to the fundamentals to great singing. The singing lessons in Volume 1 are designed to go straight to the core for easy to understand instruction for the beginner, intermediate and advanced vocalists.
Even the most advanced singers I work with, 9 times out of 10, do not understand even the basics to correct Support, Open Throat Technique, Posture, Breathing and fundamentals to Vowel Modifications and so on which are covered in this Volume.
It also includes simple scales to practice to for easy comprehension.
How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else Volume 1 covers the crucial foundation of the KTVA method:

  • The Background Of The Method
  • Proper Breath Support
  • The Lip Roll
  • The Tongue Exercise
  • Correct Posture
  • Relieving Muscle Tension
  • An Introduction To Basic Scales, Exercises
  • An Introduction To Basic Vowel Sounds And Their Importance
  • Pillars
  • VERY IMPORTANT-The Correct Way To Sing The Ah Vowel, And Its Critical Importance.
  • Introduction To Better Pitch
  • Introduction To The Open Throat Technique
  • Introduction To Connecting Chest With Head Voice
  • A Segue' Of Information To Prepare For STAGE #2

Language: English
Year: 2013
Country: USA
Running time: 02:56:08
Quality: DVDRip
Video: AVC, 640x352, 16:9, 333 Kbps, 24 fps
Audio: AAC, 99.6 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 2 ch
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 1.19 Gb

Ken Tamplin - How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else Vol. 1
Ken Tamplin - How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else Vol. 1
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32 comments on “Ken Tamplin - How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else Volume 1”

  1. A very detailed and complete course. I haven't evaluated the 3 volumes yet... But it seems to be very complete!

  2. Thank you so much! I did exactly as you said and I got everything, including the pdf that wasn't loaded the first time around. Just, one question. Is everything present in the course in these downloaded parts or are some of them here partially? Thank you

  3. Ok, so thank you Gardy for the advice because you were right. The files never downloaded fully. However, I finally managed to completely download Volume 1, part 1, 2, & 3. I just want to say that when I go to part 2 and right click to press "Extract Here", it has 2 messages: one that an existing file already exists (probably because I downloaded it many times) and that "you need to start extraction from a previous volume to unpack Ken Tamplin..." Do you know what I have to do with the second message? I also wanted to know that after extracting part 1, within the folder there is the folder "volume 1 audio workouts" that is empty. But the "Main Movie folder" and the "Bonus Movies" folder has the files in there. Do you know why this is so and how to fix both problems? Thank you. I'm sorry it's long but your help is appreciated

  4. Okay and thank you, but can you clarify what you meant by "...and compare the original size to the size of downloaded files." Do you mean the original size of the redownloaded files or?

  5. Try to redownload all parts and compare the original size to the size of downloaded files. Be sure that you downloaded all 3 parts before unpacking. One or more parts can be incomplete. Then try to unpack with WinRAR and (or) 7Zip.

  6. It turns out the 7-zip couldn't open those files and I downloaded WinRAR. I did as you said and clicked "Extract here". However, it gave me two messages. One said "The archive is either in an unknown format or damaged" and the other said "No archives found". What should I do?

  7. Ok, you're using 7-zip. Is it the latest version? Does it support RAR5 archives? How are you unpacking? Do you unpack each part separately? Have you read the FAQ’s page? For me no problems at all, I’m using WinRAR.

    I recently downloaded 3 parts of the video. Then right click on the 1st part and “Extract Here”. That’s all. Got the folder “Ken Tamplin – How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else Volume 1” that contains audio, video files and pdf book. Haven’t got any errors, warnings etc.

  8. Thank you Gardy. I actually did google and downloaded an app to open RAR files. I also don't understand when you said "Even it’s not clear what you’re trying to do." Can you clarify what you meant by that?

  9. Hi ken,


    im demy perez from the phillipines and i really love to sing especially christian song. need your help .

    may i request a copy of volume 1 and volume 2 of how can i sing better than anyone else.

    looking forward hearing from you.

    thank you and God bless.

  10. Read the FAQ page how to extract files from RAR archives. Or search in google how to extract multipart archive. Even it's not clear what you're trying to do.

  11. oops when I said download volume 1, I meant download part 1 of volume 1. My bad

  12. When I downloaded Volume 1, I had to install 7-zip to open it bc it was a RAR file. As soon as I opened it with it, I right-clicked and pressed archive to find that nothing in the Novafile was there. I even extracted it and there was nothing in it either. Can someone help me or someone offer another link that actually has the file?

  13. can you upload to drive google? i can't download in this host :((

  14. i cant dowload it is there a problem ? anyone knows? please help. The download starts but after an hour says that the download failed.

  15. Well im not glad to use lesson pack,but i dont have money for it 🙂 So thank you so much,this guy really awesome.

  16. Ah, lil hint for people who like to sing, it's a good idea to combine Singing Success + KTVA for good results!

  17. Oh thank you, Admin for trying to find other volumes!!

    I don't know others, but I actually have Brett Manning's Singing Success. It's easier to find.

  18. I just started with volume 1 and it seems pretty awesome, I just hope someone uploads volume 2 soon

  19. Ya! really awesome, I never found KTVA for download before
    thank you,
    I'm waiting for Vol. 2 and 3

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