Ken Perlman Advanced Fingerstyle Guitar PDF

Ken Perlman - Advanced Fingerstyle Guitar

Oct 18, 2022

Ken Perlman Advanced Fingerstyle Guitar PDF. This follow-up to the popular Fingerstyle Guitar book by Ken Perlman is really two books in one. To the advanced player, it's an excellent tune book featuring 33 interesting and highly playable guitar arrangements. To the intermediate player, it serves as a clear and detailed guide to the technical expertise and theoretical knowledge required to bridge the gap to the advanced level.
Covers Baroque tuning, DAD-GAD tuning and much more. The tunes are organized according to genre: Alternating Bass Pieces, The Country Blues, Melodic Guitar, Fiddle Tunes, Ragtime and Chord-Melody, and all tunes are played on the accompanying CD. You will not be disappointed with Pearlman's great arrangements, plus all of the guest artists that have contributed songs to this book.
"Advanced Fingerstyle Guitar" is a book for the has everything that a fingerstyle guitarist could want. This book is not for the total beginner. If you are an intermediate player this book should be challenging but not too bad because there are about 30 pages of review from the first "Fingerstyle Guitar." In short, if you want to learn how to play fingerstyle guitar and take your guitar playing up 10 levels, look no further than this book. An excellent book from many standpoints. The theory is well explained, the techniques generally keep pace with the music.
The collection of tunes is varied, and often quite challenging - definitely not a beginner's book - yet fun. There is a lot of background information for each tune, and a description of the various techniques involved in each piece. The CD that accompanies the book is very handy for getting a feel for how the arrangements sound.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 225 pages

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