Josquin des Pres The Encyclopedia of Bass Riffs PDF

Josquin des Pres - The Encyclopedia of Bass Riffs

Oct 10, 2023

Josquin des Pres The Encyclopedia of Bass Riffs PDF. When Leo Fender invented the electric bass in the early 1950s, little did he know the musical revolution that would follow. Dozens of musical styles were born as a direct result of his invention. Encyclopedia of Bass Riffs is an overview of over 40 different musical styles, covering 50 years of electric bass playing. Through a wide variety of stylistic examples, this book explores many musical genres that may have never existed without the electric bass guitar. These examples will undoubtedly add diversity to your musical vocabulary and supplement your style.
Two CDs each with 94 bass riffs in over 40 styles. Most are in 4/4 time with some in 2/4 and some in 6/8. Most are only two bars long, some are 4 bars. Most in the key of C, many are in pseudo key of C where they are shown as key of C but the accidentals listed really make them a different key. The riffs are in both music notation and in tab. The riffs are good learning tools for both beginners and for more advanced players because they give you some exposures to styles you may not be familiar with. Josquin des Pres has over a dozen music instruction books.
Josquin des Pres has recorded music in several genres, written songs with Bernie Taupen, recorded with some big names (especially for bass) and is an excellent bassist.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

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  1. Alguem pode me ajudar,gostaria muito de ter esse material!!!

  2. Valeu,mas seria bom se tivesse tambem hip hop bass josquin des pres!!

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