Jon Damian The Guitarist's Guide to Composing and Improvising PDF

Jon Damian - The Guitarist's Guide to Composing and Improvising

Apr 17, 2024

Jon Damian The Guitarist's Guide to Composing and Improvising PDF. Unleash the creative potential of your guitar, and express your imagination through your music! This inspiring, practical and fun approach to composing and improvising will develop your sense of dynamics, articulation, rhythm, melodic direction and musical E.S.P. Think out of the box, and journey inside this truly unique collection of creative resources for the curious guitarist. Your guitar will thank you!
An incredible book, full of ideas, musical an non-musical, for the guitarists who seek better understanding of the instrument. Jon tackles here so many subject, all in a fun, clear and humorous way which makes even the complex exercises not so scary. A true masterpiece. The palette chart is one of those rare things that really open your ears and fingers to a whole new world of melodies and motifs, bringing an end to cliches and stuff you used to play repeatedly over the years. The ear-training exercises are also very unique and can help those who are sick of the old fashioned ways. Lots of studies here, which you can play with the CD (which is a high quality play along, very helpful). And of course, the Incredible time machine study, so good. So don't hesitate here, this book is a must for all you curious guitarists. Also, don't be overwhelmed with the quantity of subjects here, just pick a few that appeal to you the most, and work on them. Great book by a great musician and teacher.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 168 pages

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  2. guys just amazing.....thank you .... share n care......
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  3. Thanks so much.

    Time to work with the book it seems awesome!!!

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