Johnny Rabb Jungle Drum 'n' Bass For the Acoustic Drum Set PDF

Johnny Rabb - Jungle Drum 'n' Bass For the Acoustic Drum Set

Sep 1, 2021

Johnny Rabb Jungle Drum 'n' Bass For the Acoustic Drum Set PDF. This book should be used as a guide on how to play jungle/drum 'n' bass on the acoustic drum set. No matter what background you have, I am hoping that you will be able to pick up a pair of sticks, get behind the kit, and begin to play as soon as you look at the first exercise. This is not intended to be a history book.
However, I am very interested in the history of this style of music and research it any chance I get. I am constantly learning new things about jungle and drum 'n' bass music. My mission is to show you how to establish a solid foundation in this style.
The exercises provided are based on my approach to playing these styles of grooves on the drum set. My goal is that when you listen to the music, you will be able to relate to the material in this book. You will learn new techniques on how to make the music sound electronic with little or no electronics at all. You will primarily be using the bass drum, snare drum, and hi-hat/ride cymbal as your main sources and can practice the majority of the book with this basic setup. As the book progresses, we will be adding different instruments and accessories to the drum set, simulating what is heard on the recordings from today's jungle/drum 'n' bass artists and DJs.
Artists such as Ed Uribe and Robbie Ameen among many others have written Latin books that utilize the Cuban rhythm sections - congas, timbales, bongos, bell, and so on. For example, there are exercises using the cowbell with the right hand, conga pattern on the rack torn, clave with the left foot, and so forth. I use a similar approach, taking the many parts of a drum machine or sampler and applying them to the drum set. Since there are so many sounds layered, looped, and sampled in jungle/drum 'n' bass, my main objective was to simulate the electronics on the acoustic drum set.


  • Setup and Sounds
  • Preliminary Exercises
  • Eighth-Note Grooves
  • Sixteenth-Note Grooves
  • Basic Rolls and Buzzes
  • Unison Jungle
  • Linear Jungle Grooves
  • Hi-Hat Exercises
  • Multiple Snare Jungle Grooves
  • Split Grooves
  • Ostinato Grooves
  • Double-Bass Jungle Grooves
  • Advanced Sound Exercises
  • Freehand Technique
  • Basic Electronics
  • Putting It All Together

Very good instructional book. Teaches how to imitate the jungle drum & base rhythms, usually played on drum machines, on acoustic drumset. Tons of exercises.Good for every level, from beginners to advanced drummers. The attached CD's demonstrate some of the exercises, bonus electronic demos, and play along tracks. This book has much further applications than just drum-n-bass. Far easier to read as well. It explains in a very clear way. Totally recommendable for drummes that don't want to stay with the same grooves and give to their music a new taste. This book has a ton of beats.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 135 pages

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5 comments on “Johnny Rabb - Jungle Drum 'n' Bass For the Acoustic Drum Set”

  1. soy tecladista pero considero importante incluir instrumentos acusticos en la musica electronica. ademas soy admirador de la musica de Kraftwerk.

  2. Muuuuchasgraaacias, este es uno de los mejores libros que se pueden compartir.

  3. thank you i'll looking for this book a long time ago but i ve' never find any prewiew of it

  4. Muy bueno libro para todos los que esten interados en este genero de musica y pues tambien para probar un estilo diferente para canciones con ritmos normales...

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