John Wooton The Drummer's Rudimental Reference Book PDF

John Wooton - The Drummer's Rudimental Reference Book

Oct 21, 2022

John Wooton The Drummer's Rudimental Reference Book PDF. This book is packed full of lessons and exercises. Neatly organized into 41 different sections, this book covers rudiments, one-handed exercises, stick control, timing, relaxation, odd-groupings, back sticking, & tenor drumming. Exercises used by the Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps, PAS National Champion Marching Percussion Ensembles The University of North Texas and The University of Louisiana at Lafayette. A must for the private instructor and band director.

Format: PDF, 146 pages

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    Please " Dr. Throwdown's Rudimental Remedies by John Wooton "

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