John Renbourn Songs For Guitar Book 2 PDF

John Renbourn - Songs For Guitar Book 2

Apr 16, 2022

John Renbourn Songs For Guitar Book 2 PDF. An outstanding collection of songs with the accompaniments fully set out by one of the leading guitarists of the day. Arranged for tablature and standard notation. Very scarce book. If you are a fan of John Renbourn this is a book you will love. It even has standard notation as well as guitar tablature. All his favourite songs he recorded and played throughout the 1960s and 1970s are included here. Lots of photographs too.
This is a little collection of songs for people who like to play the guitar, and are interested in having the accompaniments set out in full. The songs themselves are simply ones that I enjoy playing from time to time, some are my own, and some are folk tunes that I have mostly learned from other guitar players. All the tunes are played in a kind of folk-fingerstyle, and probably sound best on a steel strung guitar. I hope you will find some things here that will be of use to you. - John Renbourn


  • White House Blues
  • If you Can't
  • Candyman
  • So clear
  • Rainy Day Song
  • Sleepy John
  • Riverboat Song
  • Green Willow
  • Just like Me
  • Lord Franklin
  • Willy O' Winsburry
  • Joseph and Mary
  • Reynardine
  • Scarborough Fair
  • Song
  • To Glastonburry
  • Floating stone
  • O Death
  • The Young Man's Song

Format: PDF, 100 pages

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