John Levan – Guitar Setup, Maintenance & Repair

John Levan - Guitar Setup, Maintenance & Repair

Apr 22, 2023

John Levan Guitar Setup, Maintenance & Repair PDF. This guide will use photographs, diagrams and sketches made by the author and some provided by various manufacturers to teach how to clean, condition, adjust the action and properly intonate your acoustic guitar, as well as: John's trade secrets on hand-carving bone nuts and bridge saddles, wiring and fretwork. John has also included a chapter on identifying and diagnosing problem guitars.
It even includes a forward written by Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars. This book is perfect to teach a beginner or a reference for the guitar repair professional.
Visuals and information, whether or not you would ever do repairs on your guitar, as it will inform you of what is necessary and maybe move you to take your guitar in to the right person to bring it back to where it needs to be. Don't consider this to be just for someone who wants to do professional work on guitars either, it is so informative and subject related, as to Guitar, that if you do the work or not, get this book for your library.
Much useful information inside. Covers all types or guitars and backed up with illustrations.Even covers more complex areas such as intonation. Does not cover body repairs. This guy really knows what he's talking about and has written it in a very user friendly way.
Lots of images and easy to follow text. Lots of sections covering most of what any guitar owner needs to know to properly maintain their guitar while avoiding high priced guitar shop prices. Excellent book, lots of details giving specific information, great photos, more information than expected, answers not found in other books.

Format: PDF, 152 pages

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11 comments on “John Levan - Guitar Setup, Maintenance & Repair”

  1. Thanks for this,long time that I was looking for this book.

  2. Thanks for this. Been looking for a nice repair manual for tips.

  3. "Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3)"
    No. This book has no audio tracks.

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