John C. Goodman Bass Theory PDF

John C. Goodman - Bass Theory

Apr 17, 2022

John C. Goodman Bass Theory PDF. The Electric Bass Guitar Player’s Guide to Music Theory. As bass players we play accompaniment to songs and so it is essential that we understand songs, song structure, chord function, chord progressions and how chord progressions relate to melody and to basslines. Bass Theory provides an introduction to song structure as well as the basic elements of music theory, including: the layout of the bass fretboard; the structure of scales; the major, minor, pentatonic and other scales; keys; intervals; chord tones; major and minor chord structure; the Circle of Fifths; modes – and much, much more! Designed with those who do not read music in mind, Bass Theory covers everything you need to know to apply music theory to the electric bass guitar.
This book is good for someone who wants to take their time, learn from the ground up and be very thoroughly trained by the end of the book. It does dive deep, so if you want something shallow maybe look for something with less pages?

Format: PDF, 202 pages

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