Joe Stump - Shred Metal Chop Builder

Joe Stump - Shred Metal Chop Builder

Sep 23, 2020

Take your hard rock chops into the stratosphere with Berklee Professor and world-renowned guitarist Joe "Shred Lord" Stump. In this Master Class, Stump breaks down his disciplined approach to scale patterns and practice routines. He'll show you how to improve your technique and increase your speed, no matter what style you play. All you need is your guitar and a metronome. Stump will help you achieve a greater mastery of the instrument, with routines to get your chops in shape for the intense physical demands of the rock guitar idiom.
Joe Stump is a shred guitar master whose blistering style and dazzling technique are renowned among guitar aficionados worldwide. A Berklee professor since 1993, specializing in hard rock, shred, and high-tech speed metal, Stump has released five solo albums and three more with his band Reign of Terror. He has performed across North America, Europe, and Asia, and toured with and opened for Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dokken, Savatage, Robin Trower. Stump's remarkable speed and virtuosity have been lauded in publications like Guitar World and Guitar Shop, and his 1994 album, Night of the Living Shred, was a Grammy semifinalist for best instrumental rock album. You may be interested in Joe Stump - Chop Builder For Rock Guitar

Language: English
Year: 2002
Country: USA
Running time: 42 min
Quality: DVDRip
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Size: 423 Mb

Joe Stump - Shred Metal Chop Builder

Joe Stump - Shred Metal Chop Builder

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5 comments on “Joe Stump - Shred Metal Chop Builder”

  1. All about technique.
    Incredibly helpful video - just what I needed.

  2. This Video should be called Joe Slob.... anyway thanks for all your troubles uploading.... they're MUCH appreciated....

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