Jesse Gress Guitar Licks of the Texas Blues-Rock Heroes PDF

Jesse Gress - Guitar Licks of the Texas Blues-Rock Heroes

Jul 5, 2022

Jesse Gress Guitar Licks of the Texas Blues-Rock Heroes PDF. With enough hot licks to set the whole Lone Star state afire, this book details the solo styles of legendary guitarists, complete with essential stylistic details that make the music come alive. You get it all, from pioneers like T-Bone Walker, Freddie King, and Lightnin' Hopkins, through the next generation of innovators like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Billy Gibbons, and Johnny Winter, and on to latter-day explorers like Eric Johnson.
You'll learn more than 100 licks in the authentic style of each player, each lick with its own mini-lesson, performed by the author at half and full tempo on the accompanying CD. Also features:

  • a rundown of each player's guitars, amps and effects
  • lists of must-have tracks, albums and videos
  • revealing quotes from dozens of 6-string notables
  • essential tips on tone and style
  • insight-filled lessons

This book is excellent. Ideal for intermediate level. A bit challenging for a beginner but if you have it at the right time in your growth it'll be invaluable to you. The description says that it plays at half tempo and at full tempo but thats wrong, the riffs are only played once and at full tempo. But the description of how to play each example is so detailed you won't need to hear it slower. He even tells you the song you can find the lick in. So when you're listening to your own cd's, you'll identify the licks you've learned, which also helps you learn how to apply them. The CD and tab are wonderful.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 128 pages

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